Curriculum Summaries

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Woodseaves PE and Sport overview 2019-2020

Topic Overviews

The curriculum at Woodseaves is taught via three main topics – Innovators and Inventors (Autumn), Environment Explorers (Spring) and Going Global (Summer)

Here are the Autumn 2020 topic summaries for each class:


Innovators and inventors Class 1

Innovators and inventors Class 2

Innovators and inventors Class 3

Here are the Spring 2020 topic summaries for each class:

Environment Explorers Reception

Environment Explorers Class 1

Environment Explorers Class 2

Environment Explorers Class 3

Suggested Reading Lists

Here are links to Amazon wishlists which will guide you towards some books that your child might enjoy at home and which are either linked to the themes covered during this topic or are critically acclaimed.

Reception List

Class One List

Class Two List

Class Three List