Together we will create a respectful, caring and safe learning community that inspires all to achieve and flourish.
‘Start children on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it’
Proverbs 22:6

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School Development

School Development Objectives 2020-2021

  • To ensure that all children receive high quality teaching across all subjects.
  • To ensure that a rich variety of experiences are offered to all children that promote the extensive personal development of pupils.  
  • To develop the quality of teaching and learning across all areas of learning by ensuring all staff are knowledgeable in the learning journey and the new EYFS framework.
  • To further develop the expertise and skills of middle leaders to secure continued school development.
  • To create more opportunities for pupils to deepen their own spirituality through reflection and prayer and improve pupils’ voice in the development of worship and enable them to be more involved in the planning and leadership of worship to engage them further.

SIAMS Objectives 2020-2021

  • To ensure that the school’s vision and values reflect the Christian ethos of the school.
  • To develop the use of mirrors/windows/doors throughout the curriculum.
  • To focus on Anglican traditions and practises from around the world.
  • To develop collective worship further, with children having the opportunity to plan and deliver collective worship.

Five Year Strategic Priorities

  • To ensure a highly effective curriculum is taught where children make significant progress from their starting points.
  • To continue to develop an enthusiastic, motivated and skilled workforce to drive improvement.
  • To develop confident, articulate and resilient children who embrace our Christian ethos and celebrate difference and diversity.
  • To drive continuous improvement through effective and efficient leadership and governance.

Whats On

25.Oct.2021 Half Term

01.Nov.2021 PE Reception

02.Nov.2021 PE Class 1

03.Nov.2021 PE Class 1

03.Nov.2021 PE Class 2

03.Nov.2021 Dodgeball Breakfast Club

03.Nov.2021 After-School Multi Sports

04.Nov.2021 PE Class 2

05.Nov.2021 Bonfire Lunch

05.Nov.2021 PE Class 3