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Class 1 Hedgehog Non Fiction Writing

Class One have been gathering facts to create their own non chronological reports about hedgehogs. Here are a few that have come to my office for awards this week:

Hedgehogs by Annelise- Year 2

Hedgehogs are found almost everywhere in the UK (the UK is made up from four countries! Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.)

What do they look like?

This creature has spikes to protect itself from danger but at times the spikes go soft because it is calm. It is about ten inches long their nose sticks out to smell well.

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs eat slugs, snails and worms also plants so hedgehogs are gardener’s friends. You could leave out dog or cat food.

Helpful tips

  1. Don’t use slug pellets.
  2. Don’t leave out milk for them because that’s what makes them really poorly.

Where do hedgehogs live?

Hedgehogs live in piles of leaves and hedges, gardens, cities also towns. You could have as many as ten different types of hedgehog passing through your garden! They don’t live on high or low mountainsides because there is not enough food.

Did you know they hibernate?

Hedgehog Fact file by Elizabeth – Year 2

Here is everything you need to know about hedgehogs.

They are animals that live almost everywhere in the UK apart from mountainsides because there is not much food and not many places for them to nest.

What do they look like?

Hedgehogs are small, spiky mammals. They have these spikes to protect themselves from predators. Hedgehogs are completely covered in spikes from head to toe apart from their tummies, legs and faces. They have long, wet noses to sniff out food. They have reflective, see in the dark eyes because they are nocturnal which means they only come out at night. They have pricked up ears to listen out for danger.

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs eat slugs, snails and worms. The also eat a bit of vegetation because it is good for them.

Helpful tip! You could leave out a saucer of cat or dog food. No milk for hedgehogs because it makes them poorly. Also leave out a saucer of water for them to drink especially in the summer months.

Where do they live?

Hedgehogs live almost everywhere in the UK. The live in gardens, cities, towns and parks. Some live in piles of leaves in woodland homes. They hibernate between November and March.

Helpful tip!

Never use slug pellets to kill slugs. Hedgehogs eat the pellets or the dead slugs and poison can kill them.

Hedgehog Fact file by Scarlett – Year 1

The real name for a hedgehog is Erinanceus europaeus. Hedgehogs can be found almost everywhere in the UK. They live in cities and towns.

What do they look like?

They are spikey and they got a furry tummy and they wrap up like a ball.

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs eat meat to keep warm and cosy and they eat snails and worms. Don’t give them milk. Hedgehogs don’t like milk because they will get poorly.

Hedgehog Fact file by Esme – Year 2

Here is everything you need to know about hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are animals that live almost everywhere in the UK.

What do they look like?

Hedgehogs have lots of spikes everywhere well almost everywhere. Hedgehogs do not have spikes on their tummy or their head. They also have a big wet nose.

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs eat dog food, plants, slugs and snails. They also eat leaves because they like crunchy things, hedgehogs eat worms.

Helpful tip!

Do not leave them milk, even if it is healthy for us we cannot leave it for them it makes them poorly. If hedgehogs roll into a ball it means danger is coming like a car.

Do not leave slug pellets out it is very dangerous because they eat them and very sadly pass away.

Where do hedgehogs live?

Hedgehogs live in crunchy rotten leaves to hibernate because they love it. They sleep for about half the year.


Hedgehogs by Billy – Year 2

Hedgehogs can be found everywhere in the UK except for mountainsides. They can be mostly found in railway tracks, parks and gardens. The reason that hedgehogs live in those places is because there is food and they can nest, it’s comfortable for them.

What do hedgehogs look like?

Hedgehogs are spiky, protective, wandering creatures. They have a long nose that senses predators then they curl up into a protective spiky ball to protect them.

What do hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs are insectivores that means they eat insects. They drink water that’s fresh and their favourite food is juicy slugs. WARNING do not give hedgehogs milk because it makes them poorly also do not put slug pellets because it can poison them.

Where do they live?

Hedgehogs live under piles of leaves, under bunches of logs and in hedges. They mostly like hedges because their names at the beginning start with hedge. Those habitats can be found in gardens, parks, fields.

SPECIAL TIP! Check in November in the logs for a hedgehog because you might of picked up their home before you light it.

Hedgehogs by Cian – Year 2

Here are some facts about hedgehogs. They are animals which live almost everything in the UK but they do not live on mountainsides because there is not a lot of food and not of lot of room.

What do they look like?

Hedgehogs look like little brown balls. They have spikes all over them except their tummy. Their tummy is so soft, it looks like soft snow.

What do they eat?

Do not put slug pellets and do not leave milk out for hedgehogs they will get poorly. Slugs are very juicy for hedgehogs. And you please put out some water and some cat or dog food.

Where do hedgehogs live?

Hedgehogs live in sticks, leaves and hedgerows in parks, sometimes they live in gardens and farms or forests because that is what a good habitat is.

Top tip!

Look in a bonfire before you light it at the bottom because there could be a hedgehog living in it when there’s a hedgehog in it you will kill it.


Hedgehogs by Kayla – Year 2

Hedgehogs are animals that live almost everywhere in the UK

What do they look like?

Hedgehogs have spikes because they have to protect themselves.

What do they eat?

Avoid putting mil and slug pellets on the ground because it will kill the birds and hedgehogs. They can eat cat and dog food and worms because they like it. Always leave a saucer of water.

Where do they live?

Hedgehogs live in leaves and twigs habitats. You could have as many as 10 different hedgehogs in your gardens. Don’t light your bonfire because a hedgehog might live there.

Year Five Shakespearean Newspaper Articles

Shakespeare is well and truly embedded into Class 3! The children have been building up their knowledge of Macbeth to create some fantastic writing, including newspaper articles reporting on King Duncan’s death:

April H reports:

In Scotland, the castle of Dunsinane, King Duncan was reported dead in his bed chamber where daggers were used to pierce his heart. The gruesome murder was believed to have taken place in the early hours of Sunday morning when all the guests had retired from the table. Comments were made that the King’s sons were guilty so fled the country and moved away.

Around 5 o’clock that previous evening, King Duncan had arrived and Dunsinane castle with lots of guests to enjoy the tasty food and wine. Lady Macbeth reported “At the banquet there were no signs of suspicion and the King was the first one to go to his bedchamber (with his loyal servants).” Fleance, Banqo’s son, explained that him and his dad had been taking a walk along the castle walls when they saw Macbeth heading to his bedchamber. Lennox, one of Duncan’s servants, discovered the body and some daggers behind him. Lord Macbeth was still in shock as he questioned “How could the King be murdered in my castle? Lady Macbeth and i were fast asleep.”

The guests reported that Duncan’s two servants, Robert and Rory, were slumped in the corner of the King’s room holding 2 bloody daggers, one each. they were also dead. However, it is believed they are not the murderers, everyone was adamant that the King’s sons murdered their father. Banquo claimed that everyone in the castle was sleeping and he saw no harm to the King that night.

How ironic for such a tragedy to take place at such as joyous gathering. Banquo’s son, Fleance, went on to explain that he had been great friends with the King’s sons and didn’t believe they would murder their father.  To this day the search for his murderers continues.

Charlotte R reports:

In the early hours of Sunday morning at Dunsinane Castle, King Duncan was found murdered! Under his blood-stained sheets there are two deep stab woulds, Lennox, a loyal servant to King Duncan, has recalled that he was walking around the castle cleaning the candle wax out of the candles, when he hear alarming screams.

Last night the King arrived from the recent victory of the battle against the Norwegians. When the King arrived they had an appetising banquet in the great main hall. After the banquet, it was recorded that the King was first to retire to his bed at 11.00 pm. ‘It was a calm and leisurely banquet, the candles were lit and there was a wonderful atmosphere around us. It was shortly before midnight when all the guests retreated to bed. ‘ Lady Macbeth explained. Lord Macbeth was clearly still in shock as he announced ‘How could such a brutal murder take place here at my castle?’

All of the distressed servants have been questioned and they have commented that ‘It was a relaxed, calm night, full of joy and laughter.’ Lady Macbeth is refusing to be questioned and is stressed about the sudden murder of King Duncan. The servants who were found drunk have been assassinated as it is believed that they helped Malcolm and Donalblain kill the King. The King’s Council, the investigators of this appalling crime scene have declared that the Castle of Dunsinane will not be opened again to visitors until the investigators have examined the scene throughout.

How ironic for such a tragedy to take place at such a joyous gathering. Celebration of the battle has turned into commiseration. At this time, there has been no sightings of the two sons, Malcolm and Donalblain.

Molly B reports:

It was the early hours of Sunday morning, when King Duncan’s body was discovered dead at Dunsinane Castle, the home of Lord and Lady Macbeth. It is believed that the King’s sons wanted to take the throne and that they were the one’s who brutally pierced his heart with daggers.

It was early afternoon on Saturday when the King and his servants arrived at the castle for a huge banquet. It lasted around 6 hours and after the banquet had finished everyone retired to their bedchambers for the night. Banquo, had claimed that it was a lovely night and that him and his son Fleance had taken a walk around the castle walls only meeting Macbeth who also went up to take in some air. Lady Macbeth commented that everyone was enjoying dancing, drinking  mulled wine and telling jokes. She also remarked “How could such a tragedy happen in our home?”

Ross, a servant at the castle, reported that it was mid morning when he was taking breakfast up to the King and as he arrived outside the door he saw the King’s guards holding bloody daggers and looked unconscious. “I couldn’t believe what my eyes were telling me,” Ross recalled, “it was as if i was dreaming.” Ross also claimed that as soon as he saw the guards he rant into the bedchamber to see, what he called, ‘a sorry sight.’

How ironic for such a tragedy to take place at such a joyous gathering. Fleance explained that he was good friends with Malcolm and Donalbain and that he didn’t believe that they would do any thing such as murdering their father. The search for King Duncan’s killers continues.


House Points

Aiden – 2335

Augustine – 2551

Chad – 2215

A massive 283 house points for Aiden last week saw them go back up into second place, with Chad now third.

Still a clear lead for Augustine but early days yet.

Christmas Crackers

Wow what a busy week! We started with a panto and finished with a wonderful Christingle at Knightly Church! In between we have had a wonderful violin and recorder performance from Classes 2 and 3 to show parents and the rest of the school what they have been learning each week as well as our whole school Christmas dinner and a fantastic Key Stage 2 carol concert.

A very busy half term has ended with an equally busy week which has filled our community with Christmas cheer!

House Points

Aiden – 2052

Augustine – 2418

Chad – 2059

Augustine is still in the lead but Chad have just overtaken Aiden!

Amazing Viking homework heading out of Class 2!

Amazing Viking homework heading out of Class 2!

Well Jack was determined to make me jump out of my seat this morning as he stormed into my office in full ‘Viking’ character complete with his homework on his head! Once my heart rate had returned to normal I was able to award Jack, Eve and Gracie-May their Headteacher’s Award stickers and we found a spot to display them in the entrance way.

Great job guys!

Mrs Easthope