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Christmas Crackers

Wow what a busy week! We started with a panto and finished with a wonderful Christingle at Knightly Church! In between we have had a wonderful violin and recorder performance from Classes 2 and 3 to show parents and the rest of the school what they have been learning each week as well as our whole school Christmas dinner and a fantastic Key Stage 2 carol concert.

A very busy half term has ended with an equally busy week which has filled our community with Christmas cheer!

Amazing Viking homework heading out of Class 2!

Amazing Viking homework heading out of Class 2!

Well Jack was determined to make me jump out of my seat this morning as he stormed into my office in full ‘Viking’ character complete with his homework on his head! Once my heart rate had returned to normal I was able to award Jack, Eve and Gracie-May their Headteacher’s Award stickers and we found a spot to display them in the entrance way.

Great job guys!

Mrs Easthope