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Maths at Woodseaves:

Here at Woodseaves, we teach the essential life skill of maths, through fun, exciting and challenging experiences running from a child’s early start in Reception, through to Year 6. 

Our maths curriculum ensures that all children are well prepared for the next stage of their education, not only in their transition to Year 7, but also for each new stage they move through here at Woodseaves. 

Maths at home:

 Useful things you can do with your child each day at home:

  • Look for numbers on street signs and number plates
  • Talk to your child about the time.
  • What time will dinner be?
  • How long have they got left until bedtime?
  • When will their favourite TV show be on?
  • When shopping there are lots of opportunities for Maths:
  • Let your child help you count out the money when paying for a few small items.
  • Can your child work out how much change they should receive after paying?
  • Look at the quantities of anything you buy.


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To find out more about our Maths curriculum please view the documents below:





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