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Collective Worship and RE

The intent of Religious Education at Woodseaves is:

  • To enable pupils to encounter Christianity as the religion that shaped British culture and heritage and influences the lives of millions of people today
  • To enable pupils to learn about the other major religions, their impact on culture and politics, art and history, and on the lives of their adherents
  • To develop understanding of religious faith as the search for and expression of truth
  • To contribute to the development of pupils’ own spiritual / philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own faith and beliefs

The implementation of Religious Education at Woodseaves:

Children are taught in their class groups on a weekly basis using the Guildford Dioceses scheme of work. Children have the opportunity to reflect on their spirituality and the values cover through reflection areas in the classroom which are interactive. Each class contributes to Collective worship and RE floor books which evidence the implementation of RE and collective worship.

Children participate in daily collective worship, including whole school, class collective worship and singing praise. Our wonderful Reverend leads our Monday collective worship and we regularly host family worship as well as visit our local church for festivals.

The impact for pupils at the end of their education are that they are able to:

  • Think theologically and explore ultimate questions
  • Reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief
  • Develop the skills to analyse, interpret and apply the Bible text
  • Recognise that faith is a particular way of understanding and responding to God and the world
  • Analyse and explain the varied nature and traditions of the Christian community
  • Make a well informed response to Christianity
  • Respect those of all faiths in their search for God
  • Reflect critically on areas of shared belief and practice between different faiths
  • Enrich and expand their understanding of truth
  • Reflect critically and express their views on the human quest and destiny


Thy Kingdom Come

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts are a fun and engaging way to help families pray together. There is one following each daily theme of Thy Kingdom Come, and they are about 10-12 minutes long. They feature a game, an interactive Bible story (written and performed by folks like Bob Hartman), a chance to pray and great music. Share them with families and other mixed-age groups, and use them alongside the Prayer Adventure Map and Journal.

Click here to access this resource.

Collective Worship Weekly Timetable

Monday Whole school collective worship led by Rev. Kathryn with all staff attending.
Tuesday Class collective worship, reflections recorded in the each classes’ Collective Worship record book.
Wednesday Whole school collective worship led by Mrs Easthope with all staff attending.
Thursday Whole school singing praise led by class teachers
Friday ‘Sharing Success’ whole school collective worship led by Mrs Easthope with all staff attending.
If you would like to join our worship, we hold termly family worship with Reverend Kathryn, please keep an eye on our school blackboard and social media for dates.