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Charging and Remissions Policy



Woodseaves CE Primary Academy

 Charging and Remissions Policy


Woodseaves CE Primary Academy aims to enable all children to access the activities provided by the school. We have policies in place to ensure there are no gender, race, physical, social cultural or economical barriers to participation.


In accordance with national policy when school trips are arranged parents are invited to contribute to the cost of a visit. All contributions are voluntary. Where families cannot afford the full cost, the school may intervene to offer support or accept a small donation. However if there are insufficient funds given by parents then the trip may be cancelled. The decision on what constitutes viable funds is under the discretion of the Headteacher.

 Children in Receipt of Free School Meals

Pupils currently in receipt of free school meals (FSM) or who have been eligible in the preceding 6 months, will not be charged for any trips or visits as money provided through pupil premium will be used for this. This is also applicable to all other chargeable activities, outlined below including morning snack.

Charges for Activities in School

Wherever possible the school will seek to fund activities which are part of the required curriculum through school fund. Exceptions to this may include the firing of pottery work, cooking ingredients or seasonal creative activities which produce an end product that can be taken home.

Peripatetic Music Provision

From Year 3/4 onwards parents are given the option to pay for additional music tuition for their child, provided during the school day by SPA. Parents must commit to paying the full costs for the year which may include hire of an instrument if they wish. The cost is calculated by dividing the hourly fee by the number wishing to learn to play. This process will be reviewed on an annual basis to reflect changing pupil numbers.

Outdoor Education Centre

All year 5/6 children are invited to attend a 4 night stay at a residential outdoor education centre. Parents are asked to pay the full amount unless children qualify for FSM when the full amount is met through Pupil Premium Funding. Payments are made through ParentPay which enables parents to pay in instalments if desired. In addition to this we ask any parents, who may be are experiencing financial hardship, to contact the school in order to negotiate financial support where appropriate.

School Events

Woodseaves CE Primary Academy holds concerts during the year and charge parents a small ticket price, the proceeds of which may be designated for a specific purpose such as the cost of hiring the lighting or to fund Christmas parties/pantomime etc. Other school events/sales are purely fundraising activities to support school fund.

There may be times throughout the year when charges may need to be considered. They are done on an individual basis and consider the relevance/ importance to the curriculum, cost and impact on the child’s learning and family budget.


Reviewed annually by the Finance/Premises Committee

Next Review: Summer Term 2019






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